Frequently asked questions about the name change to DNV

On 1 March 2021 DNV GL will become DNV. Find answers to frequently asked questions about how the name change will happen and what the change will mean for you.

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Why are you changing the company name to DNV? 

The primary reason for changing our name is to simplify and thereby strengthen our global brand. The DNV GL brand name was created with the merger between DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and GL (Germanischer Lloyd) in 2013. It was a merger of two proud companies, each with a 150-year brand legacy and complementary strengths, so combining the two names was the right solution in 2013. However, it was not a name that rolled off the tongue, and many customers adopted the shorter ‘DNV’ for convenience. The name simplification is also a natural consequence of a successfully completed merger and of having operated as a fully integrated company for several years now. 

Will certificates issued by DNV GL be changed? 

All certificates with DNV GL name and logo will still be valid. For the issuing of new management system and product certificates following renewal of your certification, the transition to new DNV branded certificates will start from 1 March and be rolled out throughout 2021. For issuing of new vessel certificates, the transition to new DNV branded certificates will follow a planned process, and will primarily be done at the first upcoming periodical survey for the vessels. 

What are the other implications of the name change for me as a customer? 

You will not need to do anything now and your dealings with our company will remain unchanged. You will see that we change our name and logo on our website, emails, etc. from 1 March, but the DNV GL and DNV logo will co-exist for the whole of 2021. On 1 March, our email addresses will change from to 

Will our existing contracts with DNV GL be affected? 

No, all contracts remain valid. Starting from 1 March, we will also change our legal company names from DNV GL to DNV, but as many other touchpoints, this will happen gradually throughout the year. 

Will the name change affect the naming of the class rules? 

Not immediately. Later this year, we will update the naming of our class rules. Information will be shared as soon as it is available. 

Will we need to update our certification marks issued by DNV GL? 

No, your certification marks with DNV GL name and logo will still be valid. The transition to new DNV-branded certification marks will start from March and be rolled out throughout 2021. There is no need to immediately change/update any marketing material or packaging you may have with DNV GL logo. The DNV GL and DNV brand will live side by side for a while. 

Will the Plimsoll mark on ships classed by DNV GL be changed? 

The Plimsoll mark on existing ships will not change and will remain valid. For future newbuilds, it will be changed to "NV", which was also used by DNV before the merger with GL. 

Will approval stamps used by DNV GL also change? 

Our stamps and seal currently in use will remain valid. New versions with the new DNV logo will be made available later in 2021. 

Are there any changes to your VAT or organization number when you change to DNV?

No, our VAT and organization number stays the same.

Will you change your company name/legal entity name?

Yes, from March 1, we start a process to gradually change our legal entity names to reflect the change of the brand to DNV. This will not affect our organization or VAT number. 

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