Customised structural analyses

We offer solutions addressing your individual needs centred on structural challenges, for thorough protection of your ship or MOU.

Ships and maritime structures are exposed to different loads and environments. Only when loads and their interaction with the structure are fully understood can targeted design and troubleshooting concepts be developed.

To ensure your ship or maritime structure can withstand extreme or changing environments, we offer a range of special services customised to your needs. Below are just three examples. These are complemented by thermal analysis, fluid–structure interaction and more.

Arctic shipping

Structural loads from ship operation in ice can significantly exceed the normal design loads, and materials must be suitable for extreme cold. Thus, conventional ice class rules might not be applicable to all new operational scenarios. That’s why we are investing in research and development and have established methods to deal with this specific environment.

LNG tank systems

Due to its extremely low temperature, the storage and processing of LNG requires expert know-how. Various proprietary containment systems are on the market or under development. We have the means to assess the structural integrity of integrated as well as independent systems.

Whipping and springing

For fast and slender vessels, whipping and springing may magnify the stresses acting on the hull. We offer the full scope of services to reliably assess potential risks: Extreme or fatigue load response computations, model testing consultation and full-scale measurements.

DNV offers an interdisciplinary team to support the full scope of structural challenges:

  • More than 300 advisory engineers worldwide with local contacts in Busan, Hamburg, Houston, Oslo, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo
  • Work scope tailored to your needs and time constraints
  • Leading technology, up-to-date design and verification codes
  • Access to experts who know all the applicable regulations
  • Expert opinions from one of the world’s leading technical advisors