EN 1090 - Certification of Steel Structures

Certification of steel and aluminum components in accordance with EN 1090-1

Requirements for CE marking of steel and aluminum

Steel and aluminum structures must be CE marked when they are delivered by manufacturers and suppliers to the building and construction sector. The prerequisite for CE marking the company's products is that the company is certified in accordance with DS / EN 1090-1 by a notified certification body.

FPC - Factory Production Control

To meet the requirements, you must implement the Factory Production Control management system that controls that your steel and aluminum products comply with the requirements specification and the prerequisites in the dimensioning basis. The FPC management system must include procedures, regular inspections, tests and assessments as well as the application of the results to the management of materials included in your design. 

ISO 3834 and ISO 9001

FPC can be based on an ISO 3834 system or ISO 9001 system, however, it must be specifically adapted to the requirements of EN 1090-1.

ITC – Initial Type Calculation

If you are responsible for dimensioning components, the FPC must contain a procedure for the design phase and the dimensioning must be declared (ITC - Initial Type Calculation). 

Testing and monitoring

You must continuously monitor both the design and the production through random checks which are documented with traceability of personnel, equipment and materials used. 

CE label

Finally, you must be certified in accordance with EN 1090-1 so that you are allowed to CE mark your products. It is monitored by a notified body. The monitoring takes place as an audit carried out by the notified body.

How do I proceed?

To obtain certification, your company must implement an efficient system that meets the requirements of the EN 1090 standard. DNV can complete the certification and thus ensure that you can live up to customer requirements and the upcoming legal requirements. Contact us to find out more.