New Synergi Life Mobile App helps employees report more incidents

With the release of the Synergi Life Mobile App, DNV is enhancing its portfolio of risk and QHSE management solutions. This makes it easy for all employees to immediately report observations and incidents while on the go, ensuring that risk mitigating actions can be taken at once.

Sharing, learning and acting on-the-go

The Synergi Life - Mobile App benefits many different industries focused on health, safety, quality and the environment, such as oil and gas, health care or transportation. Employees can use their mobile phones to create observations and incident reports, where snapshots and voice recordings can be included.

Filing a report so simply and on the spot with a mobile device means that more observations are noted, and that the information concerning the observation is not forgotten in the time lapse between the occurrence and the filing of the report.

“Today, everyone is online everywhere, all the time and they expect to be able to do real work on their smartphones and tablet PCs. The Synergi Life - Mobile App is a prime example of how we are able to support our users to make and report observations on-the-go. This makes it easier to comply to CSR standards,” says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, DNV GL.

Purchase on Google Play and Apple’s App Store

The mobile risk assessment app, available for purchase on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, is an extension of DNV GL’s Synergi Life software for risk and QHSE management, and will work for customers who are using the full version of Synergi Life. Observations are automatically filed and immediately sent to the correct unit in the company. Managers will be notified of the observation straight away through Synergi Life, and can modify the report with their own assessments without delay.

“This is an easier way to report for people who aren’t always next to their PCs, or even for employees who don’t have access to a PC at all,” says Jan Edvard Faugstad, DNV GL - Digital Solutions.

Synergi Life

In addition to the separate release of the Synergi Life - Mobile App, DNV - Digital Solutions has now released a new version of Synergi Life with enhanced capabilities within risk management.
The new 12.2 version of Synergi Life is now compatible with ISO 31000 risk management principles and guidelines, supporting multiple risk evaluations for one risk, and including visualisation of the risk matrix.

With Synergi Life 12.2 you can identify, describe and categorise potential threats and opportunities at all levels of the organisation. The risk exposure can be evaluated and shared across organisational and geographical boundaries making the process of collecting, structuring, assessing and controlling risk more efficient.

About Synergi Life - Mobile App

The Synergi Life Mobile App is a configurable extension of Synergi Life QHSE software, and can be purchased at GooglePlay or Apple’s App Store. It simplifies reporting observations on the go, enabling faster and more frequent reporting, including photos and voice recordings.

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  Synergi Life Mobile App

Synergi Life Mobile App

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  Synergi Life Connect - Mobile App

Synergi Life Connect - Mobile App

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  Synergi Life

Synergi Life

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