New Synergi Gas tool models multiphase flow

Gas gathering and transmission companies have until now taken on the cost of external consultants or specialized in-house expertise for multiphase network analyses.

With DNV GL’s new Multiphase Module in Synergi Gas software, users can take full control of their analyses.

Multiphase flow

Multiphase flow is common in gas gathering systems, where changes in temperature and pressure cause liquid components of the gas to drop out, resulting in a mixed flow of natural gas, hydrocarbon liquid, and water. The composition of these three phases in the pipelines varies at different locations. The new Multiphase Module, for simultaneous steady-state simulation of gas, hydrocarbon liquid and water, calculates phase change and pressure loss along pipelines and gives pipeline operators a clearer understanding of liquid accumulation in the lines. This supports smarter operations and design decisions.

Cost-efficient process

Until now, gas companies have either acquired specialized expertise in the use of niche software to perform the calculations, or they have taken on the substantial expense of external consultants. In either case, they spend time and resources gathering necessary input data. With the Multiphase Module, multiphase analyses can be performed within the familiar and user-friendly Synergi Gas interface, leading to a simpler and more cost-efficient process.

“With the new Multiphase Module in Synergi Gas, pipeline operators can cut costs and improve throughput with more accurate and efficient planning and operations,” says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, DNV GL.

Synergi Gas gas distribution software helps operators design and develop efficient and cost-effective networks and pipeline systems capable of delivering to anticipated demand levels. Synergi Gas uses one of the world’s most powerful steady-state modelling engines to reliably perform demanding simulation tasks, generating fast and accurate simulation results.

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