ENFIT HQF designates DNV GL as its exclusive certification body

Certification of cleaning stations to the ENFIT HQF standard protects consumers and ensures food safety when transporting goods in containers.

Food safety in every link is essential to protect consumers. Every day over 300,000 tons of raw materials and semi-finished products travel through Europe alone. The ENFIT HQF standard and certification applies to cleaning stations where containers holding raw material or food must be thoroughly cleaned after every transport. 

“We are very proud to recognize DNV GL as the exclusive certification body to assure compliance with the ENFIT HQF standard. With its food safety history and presence throughout the value chain, it is the ideal partner,” says Hans-Dieter Philipowski, President of ENFIT – International Association Supply Chain Safety. 

DNV GL is also a member of the ENFIT association and advisory board, emphasizing the importance of a structured food safety approach throughout supply chains. 

“Consumers trust all of us to keep them safe. Maintaining hygiene to the highest standard in every link, including cleaning stations for food transports, is an essential cog in the bigger picture to keep the wheels in our food supply chain turning safely.” says Joy Laing, Global Food & Beverage Director in DNV GL-Business Assurance. 

The ENFIT standard and HQF certification cover both a safety management system audit, equipment inspection and cleaning validation and verification.