Doing business in 2025 – a glimpse into the future

See through the eyes of five companies how they do business ten years from now. How are they impacted by mega-trends and what are their key success factors?

Last year we initiated the Future of Management Systems project in order to investigate how management systems would evolve to be relevant in the future.  Through a series of workshops and interviews with leading experts, customers and stakeholders, we have throughout the last year received important insight into what people believe will impact management systems and how they will help companies face global mega-trends.

The findings and our reflections are presented in our Future of Management Systems whitepaper where also Peter C.E. Michael, CEO of the chemical producer Synthesis and four other executives gives us hands on examples on how they do business in 2025. Through these scenario cases, we see how advances in processes, technology and data management have enabled these companies to operate more sustainably and effectively.

Although the whitepaper is concluded, we are interested in your opinions on some key aspects related to the future of management systems. Therefore we kindly ask you to take our quick mini-survey before downloading the white paper.

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