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DNV provides real-time view of asset lifecycle data with Cascade Viewer

DNV has launched Cascade Viewer, a web-based solution that can eliminate the use of ad-hoc reports and offline data stores, providing instant access to vital information about electric grid assets to key stakeholders

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Extending the value of Cascade data to more stakeholders throughout the utility

Managing electric grid asset performance involves technical details, summarized views and workflows relating to inspections, technical diagnostics and maintenance programs. Responding to data requests coming from stakeholders can be a time-consuming task. DNV has now launched a solution that gives authorized stakeholders access to the information they need.

“The asset management challenges that utilities face today are constantly changing,” says Dennis Washburn, Head of Product Management at DNV – Digital Solutions. “This increases the demand for and value of accurate asset lifecycle data. The introduction of Cascade Viewer extends the value of the data from the Cascade asset performance management system, to more stakeholders throughout the utility.”

Single source of truth for optimizing asset life and reliability

DNV’s Cascade utility asset management software enhances reliability, enables predictive maintenance and manages technical asset risk. More than 100 utilities globally depend on Cascade solutions to manage assets, adapt to changing needs of the industry and advance their asset performance management strategies.

With Cascade Viewer, electric utility asset management software, users can intuitively find and access the most common information needed for asset requests. It includes overview displays with key Cascade data, summarized information and the ability to drill further into specific details. Cascade Viewer can eliminate the use of ad-hoc reports and offline data stores that quickly become obsolete.

“Cascade Viewer provides access to utilities’ asset lifecycle data without needing to become experts in the technical workflows of the Cascade system,” says Washburn.

“Cascade has been the technical solution of choice for utilities and regarded as the single source of truth for optimizing asset life and reliability,” says Head of Software at DNV – Digital Solutions, Elling Rishoff. “Now Cascade customers can gain even more value from their asset lifecycle data. The release of Cascade Viewer is an important milestone, aligning with our strategy of bringing the best of cloud-based solutions into next-generation software for our customers,” he says.

About Cascade

Cascade, from DNV, is the industry-leading enterprise system explicitly designed to help energy companies manage their most critical assets.

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  Cascade Viewer

Cascade Viewer

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  Video: Cascade Viewer introduction

Video: Cascade Viewer introduction

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