DNV GL partners with EXPOSED

DNV GL is partnering with the EXPOSED Aquaculture Operations Centre, with the aim to make fish farming safer and more sustainable.

EXPOSED is a Centre for Research based Innovation with the main objective to «develop knowledge and technologies for exposed aquaculture operations, enabling a sustainable expansion of the fish farming industry».

Developing aquaculture for the future brings together competencies from different branches of DNV GL, including DNV GL Noomas, Maritime and Oil & Gas. Through the partnership, DNV GL will engage in projects focusing on development of regulations of the aquaculture industry in exposed areas, safety and risk management of marine structures and operations, and design methodology and requirements for novel fish farm concepts.

The EXPOSED Centre brings together a strong set of Partners including global leading salmon farmers, key service and technology providers and research groups such as SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Liv Solveig Olafsson, head of section for DNV GL Noomas says: “It is important for DNV GL to cooperate with leading research groups and industry actors in the development of a safe and sustainable aquaculture industry. Building on our experience and knowledge, we believe that joining forces with the partners in the EXPOSED consortium will provide a strong foundation for this work.”