Is your business robust, resilient and ready for the next unexpected?

Understanding and managing the new risk landscape

No business has a crystal ball. Predicting, assessing and responding to uncertainty and risk remains an ever-present challenge.

The oil and gas industry has a strong track record in managing uncertainty well. But even in this sector, COVID-19 has been a wake-up call, exposing the importance of rigorous risk management and the need for businesses to be resilient and able to weather coming storms.

DNV can help you understand the new risk landscape. We can support companies across the oil and gas value chain to take steps in demonstrating that you are COVID-secure and prepared for the next unexpected.

As the world emerges from enforced hibernation and oil markets stabilize, we’re ready to help you answer three key questions with confidence and build stakeholder trust in your future.

“Do we have control of HSE and operational risks in the world where COVID-19 could be around for a while?”

  • DNV can independently assess your organization’s infection risk management and mitigation measures, helping to adapt and implement HSE policies to new rules and regulations
  • By establishing whether the critical and sub-critical paths of your operations have changed, we can identify weak links and take steps to mitigate safety and operational risks
  • We can help you to understand and manage your process safety barriers, and introduce updates as needed.

“Are we confident that our supply chain can recover, adapt and deliver?”

  • Working with you, we evaluate, assess and mitigate supply chain risks after a disruption to business continuity, and support mitigation against your KPIs.

“Is our business prepared enough to be disrupted by the next unexpected?”

  • We assess the safety and performance of your operations with reduced on-site manning and increased remote working
  • By evaluating and optimizing business continuity plans, we help you to build readiness for future disruptions.
  • Using lessons learned from COVID-19 and other events, supported by gap analysis and international benchmarking, we identify where your management systems and technical practices should be updated to reduce the impact of the next disruption that comes your way.

Managing risk is at the heart of DNV’s business and has been for over 150 years. We have a proven track record across industries from energy to healthcare. We specialize in enhancing health and safety, corporate governance, engineering and technical due diligence, including six years’ experience in managing infection risk.

Let’s talk about how we can help you become ROBUST RESILIENT READY for the next unexpected.

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Koheila Molazemi

Koheila Molazemi

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