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Bore's next-generation RoLo ships will run on LNG

The Finnish owner Bore has ordered three new RoLo vessels from Wuhu Shipyard that will cater to the forestry industry’s needs

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Updated GRAB notation reduces hold reinforcement requirements

In response to technical advances resulting in lower-weight bulk cargo grabs with reduced damage potential, DNV has revised its GRAB notation for cargo hold reinforcements that will save owners money.

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CII – Carbon Intensity Indicator

The CII measures how efficiently a ship transports goods or passengers and is given in grams of CO2 emitted per cargo-carrying capacity and nautical mile

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New guidance document for cargo and cargo hold ventilation

Many cargo shipments transported in bulk form can suffer damage or even pose a hazard to the crew while in transit.

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MEPC 77 - the discussions and implications for shipping

Podcast | Host Eirik Nyhus focuses on MEPC 77 - the tangible decisions made and the effect the meeting will have on IMO's greenhouse gas strategy

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COP26 - the outcomes and implications for shipping

Podcast | In this episode of the podcast, host Eirik Nyhus explains the implications of COP26 for the shipping industry. Were there specific agreements made? Will they impact greenhouse gas regulations?

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Decarbonization policies of key Asian maritime nations

Podcast | host Eirik Nyhus analyses what greenhouse gas regulations we are seeing from the key maritime nations in Asia and asks what effect they will have on the global shipping industry.

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