Oil and gas

Project assurance and surveillance

Improving quality and ensuring delivery times


A reduction in staff within an operator’s organization required them to review how to carry out essential project assurance activities to ensure that a plant was constructed safely, to design and also commissioned to meet a critical deadline with no room for slippage. 

DNV solution

As an independent party, DNV’s local UK staff, supported by the international organization, was able to carry out the audits. The team was a combination of experienced personnel in fabrication, construction, operations and management systems able to focus on the areas of greatest concern including:

  • Contractor and sub-contractor audits
  • Monitoring contractor performance
  • Provision of 2nd party inspection services
  • Analysis of data and provision of regular management reports
  • Determination of potential quality pitfalls in the supply chain.

Outcome and benefits

DNV identified issues that may have impacted the project commissioning date, allowing the customer to take mitigating actions. DNV’s work yielded savings of $10 for every $1 invested as projects came in on time, to budget and suffer less re-work post commissioning.